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Intelligent Chat Bots for your web site as well as for use in all popular messaging apps!

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Chat bot technologies for the leading messaging platforms!

BIG Little Bots is a technology development company that creates innovative solutions for businesses to more deeply engage with customers and prospects using applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We integrate these leading-edge technologies to deliver unique Website Chatbots, Messaging App Chat Bots and Chatbots for the leading voice-activated speakers. BIG Little Bots' technologies enhance customer and prospect interaction while also providing real-time metrics for understanding and improving the quality of communications.

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Live Examples

Website Chat Bot Examples

Click one of the buttons below the box at the left to try out an example of the corresponding BIG Little Bots website chat bot.

 FAQs Bot - allows users to easily search and view Frequently Asked Questions.

 Jobs Bot - presents users with current job listings & employment information.

 News/Blog Bot - enables users to discover and view latest news and blog items.

 Contact Us Bot - interactively handles inquiries from web site visitors.

NearMinderBot chat bot

Messaging App Chat Bot Examples

Use the NearMinder chat bot example to search for current local events of interest, such as Music, Art, Dance, Biking, Yoga, Swimming or any other activities or interests, or even a specific named event or performer. The NearMinderBot can find events from all of the best sources such as TicketMaster, SeatGeek, EventBrite and MeetUps. For any events where you need to signup or get ticket info, full details are also available using the link at the end of the event description.

 Click a button below to add the NearMinderBot to your favorite messaging app now:

Add NearMinderBot to Facebook MessengerAdd NearMinderBot to Kik

Add NearMinderBot to SkypeAdd NearMinderBot to Slack

Add NearMinderBot to TwitterAdd NearMinderBot to Telegram

Google Home Cool Events voice chat bot

Voice Activated Speaker Chatbot Examples

The Cool Events chat bot uses voice interaction to help you find events and activities of interest nearby.

Amazon Echo Voice Chatbot Example

Chat directly with the "Cool Events" Alexa Skill example on the Amazon Echo.

 To talk with the free Cool Events chat bot using your Amazon Echo voice-activated speaker, just say "Alexa, open Cool Events," to get started!

Google Home Cool Events voice chat bot

Google Home Voice Chatbot Example

Chat directly with the "Cool Events" Google Action example in Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant.

CNet names Cool Events chat bot as one of the best Google Home services Cool Events was named by CNet as one of "16 of the best Google Home services you should already be using."

 To talk with the free Cool Events chat bot using your Google Home voice-activated speaker, just say "Hey Google, talk to Cool Events," to get started!

The Google Assistant Cool Events voice chat bot

Cool Events voice chat bot is available in The Google Assistant app for iOS / iPhone Google Assistant Voice Chatbot Example

 Download The Google Assistant app for iOS/iPhone and just say "Talk to Cool Events" to connect now!


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